Who we are

Funeral Agency Jovana was founded in 2016.

The full trade name of the company is VAYOMARA-YOVANA EOOD.EIC 203921531, IN VAT BG 203921531 MALL: Penka Ivanova-Hristova, headquarters and address of management town of Vratsa, 26 Cherven Lilyak St., office Sofia, Lyulin-3, Blvd 318 , Entrance B / ground floor /. The Jovana funeral agency is registered as a company offering funeral services on the territory of the city of Sofia / reference for the licensed companies you can see here funeral companies sofia /. Jovana broker office is entered as administrator of personal Data under No. 420284.

Funeral agency Jovana undertakes a complete organization of burials and cremation on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. Delivery of mourning goods to your address. Providing burial places in Sofia and the country.Normal graves and feast niches.Transport of the deceased in the country and from / to abroad Repair and installation of monuments. Restoration of monuments. Maintenance, cleaning and landscaping of graves. Filling of burial places with earth and / or mosaic. Processing and installation of ceramic pictures and painted porters on granite or glass.

The agency does not work with hidden fees and commissions but with a pre-announced price list. The price of the goods and services ordered by you does not change unless you choose something else not listed in the application / example: wreath, lantern, more expensive coffin Etc. When signing a contract for funeral services, a copy of the application is left to the client.

For all services Jovana funeral agency issues an invoice !!!

All employees of the agency are licensed funeral agents from the Ministry of Education and Science. The employees of the Jovana Funeral Bureau have many years of experience in the field of funeral activities. If necessary, our staff will advise you on what mourning ritual to choose, how it is organized and everything you need A dignified burial or cremation.

 Since its inception, the agency has sought to maintain the lowest possible prices on the market for funeral services, while at the same time the low price does not affect the quality of the funeral services. Jovana's funeral agency offers mourning goods to leading Bulgarian manufacturers and, if desired, Funeral products from a foreign catalog.

First in Sofia we offer mobile funeral service - our employees come to your address, transport the deceased to a cold room, form the documents, and deliver your chosen mourning goods / obituaries, mourning scarves, mourning and others./

Funeral agency Jovana offers its clients a possibility to defer payment of the ritual ritual.

At the request of the mourners to pay with a debit / credit card, the agency has a mobile POS terminal.

On the website of Jovana's funeral agency / www.pogrebenie-iovana.com/, you can calculate how much the funeral / cremation will cost you.

We do not claim to be the first in the funeral industry, nor are we the biggest or the best, we are Funeral Agency Jovana!

No one can oblige you to use a particular mourning company, that's entirely your decision.


For opinions, questions, recommendations, consultation by phone or at an address you are looking for, contact us on a 24-hour basis:

02 / 44-11-551, 0888 / 017-477